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Artist, Designer, Decorator



Leonie Varisco - Artist, Designer, Decorator is known for making appealing objects alive with heart and she seeks to capture the essence, personality and character of her subjects through feel, energy and emotion using intuitive mark making, strong line and color to produce bold and lively imagery.  

A Graphic Designer for over 20 years has influenced Leonie’s style today. A self taught artist working in a variety of mediums, the essence as much as the beauty is a common thread throughout all her work.  


Leonie's relaxed unbuttoned approach to life is located in Croydon, Victoria. Her home and studio overflows with the business of making art, creativity covers all available surfaces.  Art, crockery, pottery, wine bottles, glasses, books and antiques fill the shelves and space.


Set to music this unique environment celebrates life and work at home

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